“The Living Project retreat was an absolutely unbelievable experience that, in my humble opinion, is unparalleled to any other retreat I’ve been on or heard of.

Domenic and Jonathan were actively and genuinely committed to our personal learning during our time on the island, both with regards to the physical asana practice and the spiritual components of the retreat. I left feeling that the trip was one of those “once in a lifetime” experiences that I wouldn’t ever be able to replicate.

And…they’re pretty wonderful people. Kind, grounded, and hilarious. I think I laughed for an entire week straight!”N.R. Nyc


“In a word ~ AMAZING!
Jonathan and Domenic’s retreats are a must go.  If you’ve ever taken Domenic’s yoga class, you will know that he takes it to another level.  And Jonathan’s shamanic journeys are out of this world.  A lot of synchronicity happens… it’s unbelievable.  Come with an open mind, it will inspire and transform you.  Love, love, love.” Jen Yeh, Washington DC


“The Living Project gave me the most meaningful vacation of my life.

This is a deeply thoughtful, liberating, exuberant, growth-inducing retreat program – the combination of  personal education, physical stimulation , spiritual growth  combined with exciting vacation vibes creates the most worthwhile travel experience I have ever taken part in.

Domenic and Jonathan are two of the strongest teachers I have had the pleasure of working with. By the the end of our time together, they were not only my trusted teachers but my dear friends”. – Kim Jose, Nyc


There is so much to be grateful for. On this retreat, I have learned how to love and be loved. I have learned how new friends and experiences can change you for a lifetime. The sweat lodge, the ceremonies, and the heart felt moments that were shared together in Tulum, Mexico will be forever engraved in my life. Love you All.” – Kelly Caruso, Pittsburgh


“Traveling to Costa Rica with Domenic and Jonathan was a truly cathartic experience.  I’ll admit, I was skeptical about the Shamanic element of the retreat, mainly because it’s something I’d never experienced.  That said, it was a truly soul-cleansing experience unlike nothing I’d ever done.  I felt safe and supported. 

Each session (both on and off the mat) brought our group closer together and by the end I’d made some new friends that I’ll always share a special connection. 

I look forward to joining one of their upcoming retreats, and suggest anyone looking for a new and exciting experience do the same!” – Dina Ivas, Nyc


“The Living Project experience is an unforgettable experience. You will experience an awakening of your soul.

There’s nothing like being surrounded by a bunch of like-minded people all looking for healing, growth and happiness.  Jonathan and Domenic are the ideal mentors and teachers for this type of experience.  

I feel very confident in recommending the experience to those looking to experience spirituality and peace”. – Jonathan Graf, Nyc